Nu Mark markets its products to adult smokers and vapers. As a manufacturer of products intended for adults, Nu Mark has an important role to play in preventing underage tobacco use. 
We strongly support programs and legislation to prevent underage tobacco use. At the state and federal levels, we support underage access prevention legislation for e-vapor products that would: 

  • Establish a minimum legal age to purchase e-vapor products;
  • Require all tobacco product purchases at retail to be clerk-assisted or conducted in a non-self-service environment;
  • Prohibit, and make punishable by a criminal penalty, anyone from purchasing tobacco products for, or distributing e-vapor products to, a minor;
  • Prohibit the purchase or possession of tobacco products by minors or the use of false identification by a minor attempting to purchase tobacco products;
  • Require minimum-age-to-purchase signage at retail stores; and
  • Require valid proof-of-age for all tobacco product purchases.
In May 2016, the FDA extended its authority to regulate other tobacco products including e-vapor. This included establishing a national minimum age of 18 to purchase e-vapor products.
We require retailers that participate in our promotional programs to sell our products only to consumers who are of legal age to purchase tobacco products. Retailers must also merchandise the product in a non-self-service manner. Additionally, we support the We Card® program which provides resources to retailers to help them prevent kids from buying any tobacco product.
Adult vapers should be able to purchase e-vapor products via the Internet as long as there is reliable age verification and compliance with all applicable laws, including collection of state sales taxes. 
Supporting Youth Development: Success360°​

In 2016, Nu Mark joined Altria’s other tobacco companies in their commitment to the Success360°​ initiative to provide a combined $22.1 million to leading national and local non-profit organizations that serve middle school kids and their families. Success360° helps these organizations, including 4-H, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boys & Girls Clubs, Communities in Schools and The First Tee work​ together to better support middle school kids' academic achievement and healthy development, with a focus on avoiding risky behaviors like tobacco use.​ Learn More​